The Swim Oxford team is dedicated to supporting open water swimmers.

We created the Wild Swim series in beautiful locations carefully selected for their natural beauty. The events include the Lock to Lock 10K, the Lock to Lock 4K the Oxford Classic Mile, and the brutal SwimRun.


“There was laughter, happiness and sunshine wherever I went and the cakes were just amazing!” 

Debbie and Judy


“ Thanks so much for the professional organisation
of the Lock to Lock... so supportive and encouraging.
The chap who helped us out of the water was still so positive in helping even us stragglers. 
A fantastic event which was brilliantly organised.” 

John D

Just completed your Lock to Lock swim…

WELL I will give you 12/10. Brilliant, brilliant swim…
Every thing ran like clockwork, just a really brilliant day.

EVERYBODY who helped was so friendly and great…

Book me in for next year. 

Jon C