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  • RESUMES 2025

  • SWIM 1 MILE downstream and upstream 


  • START Folly Bridge, Oxfordshire

  • FINISH Folly Bridge, Oxfordshire

  • ENTRY £60  non-transferable; see refund policy

Oxford Classic Mile swim is a one mile upstream Thames river swim from Donnington Bridge to Folly Bridge.  

Setting off from Donnington Bridge towards Christ Church Meadows, passing the historic bathing spot at Long Bridges on the left. Next in view to your right the nature reserve, known as Aston’s Eyot - a 33-acre island on the east bank of the River Thames in the city of Oxford, southeast of Christ Church Meadow. Soon you will be making your way past the famous boat houses and heading towards the finish.


Following the  river buoys in the last stage of the swim, and at the last final Buoy, swim 180 around, heading downstream now, towards the platform and finish point. You can exit here, once out of the water, please make your way to the changing tents and Swim Oxford refreshments tent.  Th celebration is held in the magnificent, Christ Church Meadows, in the heart of Oxford's dreaming spires.

All swimmers will swim on the right hand side of the river, you will be escorted by the safety crew, from start to finish. 


Enjoy this location in all its splendour, within the heart of Oxford.

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