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Nature's ambassadors

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When the ground can no longer hold the heavy weight of rain. When the rivers have taken all they can. Then the waters rise up in protest; a silent sit-in on crops, a defiant march through streets and homes.

Nature, our constant companion, ignored, mistreated, abused and injured, will have her voice heard now. In her pain and fury, she lashes out at the vulnerable. She washes away their comforts and their dreams. She sweeps away their livelihoods. Our leaders gaze detachedly at the suffering like gods and ponder, for a moment, what action they might take. Weighing up the costs to themselves and to their friends, their offerings are as nothing to the wounded soul of nature.

But for all their riches, our leaders are not gods. There are no gods. There is nature who has more power than any mortal; and on the other side of the world, she burns.

Post written by Fiona Undrill



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